Gen 2 Pokemon Are Coming Later This Week

And this without forgetting the new objects of the game that allow us to evolve some of the creatures like Onix to Steelix, something impossible to date. Niantic has announced that over 80 new Pokémon will hit the mobile game sometime this week. Unlike the handful of Johto Pokémon that were added in December who could only be obtained using eggs, these will be found in the wild.

The second of the new berries is called a Pinap Berry, and this one doubles the amount of candy you will receive from catching a Pokemon.

You are logged out. Back in 1999, Pokemon Silver and Gold introduced more than just new Pokemon. In the above trailer, you can also spot Hoothoot, Hoppip, Crobat (itself an evolution of Golbat), Skarmory, Donphan, and Murkrow.

Thought you'd nearly caught all the Pokémon? Niantic is also adding new Evolution items for evolving Pokemon, as well as new purchasable outfit and accessory options for customizing your trainer. This means, all the over 80 new Gen 2s will be discoverable and can be caught in the wild once the update goes wild. We also don't have a specific release date for the new features, beyond "later this week".

New berries will be added to "Pokemon Go" later this week.

The world of Pokemon Go is about to get a whole lot bigger.

A few of the new Pokemon and new berry types on display. All you need to do is walk around your city or your neighborhood to catch Pokemon. However, it's telling that Niantic Labs have left it so long to give these much-needed updates. That's live - we'll see soon enough how many Pokemon are in this update - the actual release of the Pokemon might come this weekend!

  • Carolyn Briggs