'Firefall' phenomenon wows visitors to Yosemite's El Capitan

Its mid-February, meaning Yosemite National Park's famous cascading golden "firefall" lights up the park's distinct El Capitan, drawing photographers from around the world.

For around two weeks in February, Horsetail Waterfall transforms into a molten glow, as light from the setting sun illuminates the falling water. California has received a lot of rain recently and the falls are flowing nice and strong.

The seasonal waterfall only flows in the winter and the spring. "It's really an wonderful and handsome thing to see", photographer Michael Frye told the National Park Service.

If you're hoping to catch firefall this year, the optical illusion is predicted to last until the 23rd of this month, weather permitting.

It only happens once a year - and only when a host of complicated factors are aligned - but the show is always worth it.

"This year, I feel fortunate to have been one of the firsts to witness it", Dey said in a post.

  • Larry Hoffman