Edelman: Garoppolo has 'Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers kind of confidence'

New England Patriots wideout Julian Edelman recently praised teammate and backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo, whom he played with briefly at the beginning of the season, while QB Tom Brady was serving his four-game suspension.

"I'm not a paid GM, so I don't know the whole value thing, but as far as a guy I get to play with every single day, Jimmy Garoppolo, the guy's a stud", Edelman said.

Brady might play another five years, but I would see how he plays next season before deciding to trade Garoppolo. He's got that kind of gunslinger confidence.

Tossing out comparisons to Farve and Rodgers (albeit in one metric) is a pretty strong endorsement to give, although the limited sample size for Garoppolo starts (two in three years) makes the claim a little murkier for regular fans to accept. He practices hard, he prepares hard. He's a good kid. Garoppolo has just a year left on his rookie deal. During Week 1, the QB was 24-for-33 with 264 yards, a touchdown, and no picks against the Arizona Cardinals.

"It was a good opportunity, and I went out and tried to take advantage of it and do everything I could", Garoppolo said in the days before the Super Bowl.

As he enters the final year of his rookie contract, Garoppolo is set to be the focal point of significant trade rumors this offseason as National Football League teams look to find a quarterback of the future. Now, he's had three years of experience. Bill Belichick knows what he's going to do.

"He made some high-level throws and did some things that would get you excited about his ability to maybe carry a franchise", McCown told Cleveland.com last week. The Cleveland Browns and Chicago Bears appear ready and equipped to make bids at the young quarterback with hopes of sending a haul of draft assets to the Patriots in exchange for Garoppolo.

Coincidentally, Garoppolo's situation has similarities to Rodgers' too. Garoppolo has been Brady's backup for three seasons, which is the same number of years Rodgers was Favre's backup before taking over at the age of 25 - the same age as Pats' current backup Jimmy G.

  • Julie Sanders