Columbia Restaurant Closes for 'Day Without Immigrants' Protest

"They're honest. They show up to work every day", he says.

Dozens of Danbury businesses are closed Thursday to stand in solidarity with immigrants as part of a nationwide protest called " A Day Without Immigrants", meant to represent the importance of immigrants to the U.S. economy. "But as an administration, we don't have a choice right now". Demonstrators also planned a march to the White House at noon.

Some of the employees are from Mexico, some were born in the US and owner Anthony Park is the son of immigrants himself.

Un Día Sin Inmigrantes #DayWithoutImmigrants strike + protest is TOMORROW, Thu.

The "A Day Without Immigrants" protests, which were spread by word of mouth and on social media, are expected to take place in New York City, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Boston and other cities.

"A Day Without Immigrants" is similar to the "Day Without Latinos" rally held in Wisconsin yesterday. Anna's success has been built around our loyal staff, many of whom are immigrants or come from immigrant families.

Raleigh community activist David Salazar went door to door Wednesday asking businesses to stay closed in support of "One Day Without Immigrants". He estimates his restaurant group will lose close to $100,000 from Thursday's closing, but said this was an opportunity to feel "proud" and "empowered".

Called "A Day Without Immigrants", the general strike and boycott is created to highlight the contributions of immigrants to the United States, without whom strike proponents argue, the country would stand still.

"The message should be made loud and clear that without immigrants in our schools, in this case, we can't provide rigorous instruction or a strong academic program for children in the city", she said. The most we as chefs risk are fines, but these people risk losing their families.

Several well known D.C. restaurants and chains have shutdown for the day, including Jaleo, Bus Boys and Poets and the Sweet Green.

The strike is expected to shut down dozens of restaurants in Washington and several more in NY as part of an attempt to illustrate just how crucial America's vast immigrant population is to both its economy and infrastructure. "Farm Burger is thankful and indebted for the dedicated work from our immigrant staff over the years, be it in our kitchens, service or in the fields with our farmers".

  • Larry Hoffman