ABC confirms Rachel Lindsay to be the first black 'Bachelorette'

She also said that she has mixed feelings about her fate in the Bachelor franchise.

She likes to get her fitness on Rachel loves playing a variety of sports, and recently posted a video of herself in the gym, pumping iron while doing mad crunches with a stability ball at the same time.

The historic announcement of the first black Bachelorette was met with excitement from Bachelor contestant Caila Quinn. Lindsay is the proud mom to Copper Ash, a two-year-old rescue pup who, according to her Instagram account, is a mix between a Finnish Spitz and German Shepherd. In fact, she still is competing for Nick Viall's final rose. Yet, simultaneously we feel like this news was announced so early mostly because it would give them time to find a more diverse cast, and get applicants who were there specifically to date Rachel as opposed to Raven Gates or any other possible contender.

Asked what she's planning to do knowing the track record of the Bachelor when it comes to successful relationships, Lindsay says she's determined to keep it real. "She's smart. He's going to need an attorney, don't you think?" She revealed in an exclusive interview she's very excited about Lindsay's casting, adding she's the only one qualified out of Viall's batch. While she undeniably has a successful, she fears she might miss out her chance at finding love.

"I'm somebody who can feel a connection from the beginning, but in this process I was pretty skeptical", she explained to People. Viall had made no secret of his chemistry with Lindsay and even blogged about it during the season. She shares she's now ready to find a husband who also plans on starting a family soon. You can tell they have close ties just by looking at her Instagram feed which has several photos of her family members. "I didn't think it would end that way for me", Rachel also admitted. "As clichéd as it sounds, it was like we had known one another for years, but she still took my breath away", Viall wrote. Rachel Lindsay will be handing out her own roses starting May 22nd on ABC.

  • Salvatore Jensen