'Playing With Fire': India Gets Complaint From China - And A Warning

We have always been resolutely opposed to any country with diplomatic relations with China having any form of official exchanges, or establishment of any official institutions, with Taiwan.

China sees Taiwan as one of its provinces, although the island has been administered separately.

"Mainland (China) is an important part of Taiwan's arrangements" in trade and economic development, Hsu told a gathering of representatives of Taiwan's major industrial and commercial organizations in Taipei on Tuesday.

Through its mouth piece Global Times, China indicated that while US President Donald Trump has also fallen in line over challenging China over the Taiwan question, India stands out as a sore thumb.

I understand that they do so to China as well.

Hosting an official delegation from Taiwan appears to be a shift in Indian policy: In May previous year, India had reportedly backtracked from sending representatives to the swearing-in ceremony of then Taiwanese president-elect Tsai Ing-wen.

"The reason why China lodged the representation is because we have been requiring countries that have diplomatic relations with China to fulfil their commitment to the One China principle", said Geng said.

India today dismissed Chinese protest against the visit of a Taiwanese parliamentary delegation here, saying there is nothing unusual and no "political meanings" should be read into these trips.

"China urges the Japanese side to respect historical facts, cease provocative behavior, teach the young generation with correct historical views, and show its sincerity in improving Sino-Japanese relations with concrete actions", Geng said.

"Some Indians view the Taiwan question as an Achilles' Heel of the mainland".

"As the corridor passes through the disputed Kashmir, some Indian strategists have advised the Modi government to play the Taiwan card", it said. "India has long wanted to use the Taiwan question, the South China Sea and Dalai Lama issues as bargaining chips in dealing with China", it added.

Earlier on Wednesday, nationalistic tabloid Global Times said India is playing with fire and will suffer losses by challenging the One-China policy and increasing engagement with Taiwan.

But India said the visit is informal with no political connotation.

Industry leader Rock Hsu (許勝雄) has expressed hope for stable trade and economic relations with China, suggesting that the administration of President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) achieve the goal through communication with Beijing.

"Tsai is exploiting India's vigilance and strategic suspicions against China".

  • Carolyn Briggs