Mexico may stop buying Iowa, Illinois corn to retaliate against US

CNN reports that the Mexican lawmaker will introduce a bill that would require all of that country's corn imports to come from Brazil or Argentina rather than the U.S.

The treaty has helped to dismantle Mexico's agricultural production system through neoliberal policies that have left millions of poor farmers without state support and made the country increasingly dependent on food from overseas.

Mexico is one of the top buyers of American corn in the world today. He also states Nebraska exports around $1 billion worth of corn annually, and in 2015 $220 million dollars of this came from doing business with Mexico. "We've seen income drop about 50 percent from what we saw in 2013, and so farmers are trying to break even in any way they can", said Jay Rempe, Senior Economist at Nebraska Farm Bureau.

FlickrThe United States is now the largest producer and exporter of corn, but that title may take a hit if Guerrero Sen.

"At the end of the day, you drive across the state you're going to see piles of corn dotted everywhere", she said.

U.S. corn exports to Mexico have increased more than 600 percent since the deal was enacted in 1994.

If approved, this bill would be one of the first signs of concrete action by the Mexican government after it has been directly targeted by Trump's rhetoric and policies, particularly an executive order enabling construction of a border wall and the promise to make Mexico foot the bill.

President Trump has not indicated yet what he wants changed in NAFTA although auto manufacturing is expected to be a big target. A nonpartisan congressional research report found that not to be true.

  • Joanne Flowers