Lowey holds roundtable talk on Affordable Care Act repeal

Over the last eight years, access to mental-health care for those who need it has increased, through the availability of policies and safeguards to ensure access to that care.

Yes, people have benefited from the Affordable Care Act, but many more have been harmed by it through significantly higher premiums and reduced coverage.

"Instead of rushing to rip health care away from 30 million people, Republicans need to show us a plan that protects the care millions depend on", said Meaghan Smith, a spokeswoman for the Alliance for Healthcare Security, an Obamacare advocacy group. For the sake of both the nation's health and the slowing of the economic disparity separating the American rich from the poor, let us hope that the replacement is no worse than the FEHB.

"As growing crowds speak out across the country, new evidence mounts daily showing the devastating impact of Republicans' reckless agenda to repeal our health care and blow up our health-care system without a plan", Smith said.

Casey criticized the effort to repeal the law as an attack on millions of people whom he says rely on it.

Numerous hospital executives on Monday warned of devastating job and service cuts based on those estimates.

Health care reform and changes to Obamacare are critically important and are a priority of the president and Congress. In 2014, he proclaimed that Obamacare's "damage can not now be undone by delaying it or tinkering with it - it must be repealed and replaced with the patient-centered plan proposed by House Republicans". But "there's not a better plan waiting that I know of". Now 36 and newly covered by Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, he is on Suboxone, a substitute opioid that eases withdrawal symptoms and cravings, and he is slowly pulling himself together.

Under the Affordable Care Act, insurance providers are needed to provide coverage for the expenses relating to birth control without charging a copay, except for a few exceptional cases.

After denouncing the Affordable Care Act as an abomination for seven years, Republicans in Congress, working with the Trump administration, are urgently seeking ways to shore up health insurance marketplaces created by the law.

Companies who offer their full time (working 35 or more hours a weeks) employees insurance would no longer allow them to keep their children on their plan until the age of 26.

We kicked off the first step by adopting the fiscal year 2017 budget resolution, which set the stage for Congress to begin the reconciliation process.

Will "repeal and replace" itself be replaced as the rallying cry of the GOP? The head of Anthem told Wall Street analysts that he would be deciding about "extracting" his company from health care exchanges if it doesn't see stability.

Requiring workers to hold a full-time job in order to obtain health insurance makes little sense in today's dynamic economy.

A look at the $1.1 trillion in taxes over 10 years imposed by former President Barack Obama's health care overhaul. There is no greater threat to the prosperity of American families than the inaccessibility of health care.

Senate Democrats are urging the Trump administration not to move forward with changes to ObamaCare that could lead to increased healthcare costs for older Americans. Although the ACA is a failed law, 20 million Americans now have health insurance either with taxpayer subsidies on the exchanges or through the expanded Medicaid entitlement program.

  • Joanne Flowers