John Oliver Hopes To 'Educate' Trump With the Right Ads On TV

The HBO series, which was off-air during Donald Trump's inauguration, didn't hesitate in jumping straight into the new president of the United States.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is back, and although the world seems to have changed (with President Trump coming to power) since it was last on air, Oliver's agenda remains pretty much the same. The thrust of the episode, titled Trump vs. Truth, took the 30,000-foot view of Trump and his relationship to reality itself.

John Oliver kicked off his fourth season on HBO on Sunday night with 25 minutes of predictable outrage that built to five spectacular minutes of brashly original guerrilla warfare.

Speaking about the other popular British symbol - James Bond, Colbert wondered whether the next actor to play the spy could be Oliver.

Oliver examined the source of Trump's information and compared his choice of language in tweets with similar terminology used on Fox News. The first such ad will run Monday on several outlets, Mr. Oliver said. Why do so many people believe them?

When confronted by the president's many falsehoods, his press secretary, Sean Spicer, frequently explains that Trump believes it to be true and that's what matters. "It can't be. Incidence of voter fraud is a verifiable fact and faith and facts aren't like Bill Pullman and Bill Paxton. Billions will get spent on a wall that won't work to prevent a crimewave that isn't happening while refugees sit in unsafe situations to prevent Bowling Green-style massacres that never took place".

In Oliver's mind, it's all part of a pattern Trump has adopted where he seeks out theories that purport to his worldview, then uses the information as validation for his stance without ever vetting the credibility of the source.

Oliver then came up with a solution.

Oliver ended with what could be the only way to reach the US President - by putting advertisements on cable news channels during programmes such as Morning Joe, Fox & Friends, and New Day, all of which the US President is known to watch.

  • Leroy Wright