California Evacuation Order Lifted

As Butte County's website puts it: "An Evacuation Warning means the immediate threat has ended but the potential for an emergency remains and therefore residents must remain prepared for the possibility of an Evacuation Order".

That's why Azevedo wasn't budging yet. They spent two nights at the Nevada County Fairgrounds in Grass Valley, Calif. and he planned to wait out this week's upcoming storm before returning home.

Croyle said the plan was to move the towers higher up toward the gates of the spillway, an area that was more stable. Upcoming storm. I'm not trying to risk traffic, being stuck if it floods.

"I'm waiting for all the rain to be over I guess", Cervantes said. But per the Chronicle, many evacuees weren't exactly waiting around. Boyd, who was recently deployed to MS, will be a shelter manager. "It was just frustrating".

"Oh super happy", Krause's daughter, Annika Johnson-Krause, told the station.

"It just seems like after six years of drought, it would be a awful irony to die in a flood", one family member said.

Jodye Manley of Olivehurst was having dinner Sunday at her daughter's house in Sacramento when a city councilman tipped her that an evacuation order was coming.

The officials in the water and sewage department focused on preventing the lake from overflowing and, therefore, were compelled to use the emergency spillway which was located in the hillside.

City personnel inspect San Diego's dams on a weekly basis for things such as erosion, leaks or anything that could compromise the integrity of a dam or spillway, such as brush and tree growth, rodent holes and fallen boulders; cracks are measured monthly, according to the Public Utilities Department.

The main spillway divers excess flow from the lake.

But the real test is still to come in the weeks ahead when a record amount of snowfall melts in nearby mountains.

While more rain is expected later this week, officials say water levels in Lake Oroville are low enough that it can handle the expected rainfall.

Large concrete patches the size of football fields had washed out of the channel, but dam operators were forced to continue using it, due to rising water levels that reached the top of the 770-foot high dam.

There have been concerns about Oroville Dam safety since the erosion of the primary spillway was discovered a week ago.

The acting head of the state's Department of Water Resources said he did not know if anything had gone wrong and was unaware of a 2005 report that recommended fortifying the earthen emergency spillway with concrete for just such an event.

Original post - Federal agencies are providing California with preliminary assistance for the Oroville dam emergency, contrary to some rumors President Donald Trump is withholding aid to the state.

He also said engineers are looking into preventative measures for the spring runoff season.

"The situation is a textbook example of why we need to pursue a major infrastructure package in Congress", White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Tuesday during a press briefing. Residents expressed frustration while they were evacuated from their homes.

But after two days away from home, tens of thousands of evacuees were growing tired.

However, as the New York Times reported, because emergency spillways aren't often used, they are not built with the same specifications as main spillways.

But Trump has yet to identify the funding source for such a sweeping proposal, said U.S. Rep John Garamendi, D-Elk Grove, who worries that Congress will adhere to its strict "A-B-C" policy even if it does appropriate the money: "Anything But California".

  • Leroy Wright