Who Gets Eliminated Tonight on 'The Bachelor'?

He sent her home, and she was left feeling not good enough.

The fur coat was not needed tonight, as they were in the Bahamas. But Nick rejects Corinne's advances on The Bachelor out of fairness to the other women, much to her disappointment. "All that" is the time that he and Kaitlyn Bristowe had sex on her Bachelorette season before the Fantasy Suite dates and the you-know-what hit the fan.

Naturally The Bachelor wants this to be The Most Important Episode Ever and is playing up how upset Nick's departure makes the six remaining contestants. (Of course, they still have mics on, so we could hear everything.) We heard them start to fool around and Nick admited to finding Corinne very attractive, but he eventually shut down whatever was going on in there, citing that he's "made mistakes in the past".

Nick thought with the right head in this situation, and he even told Corinne that she shouldn't feel bad about trying to take things to the next level. During the night portion of the date, he actually cried again when talking to Kristina about how tough it has been sending women home, but also connected with both Raven and Corinne, reassuring them both. "He wants her to open up more to him emotionally wise", Corinne tells Rachel about Vanessa's date.

Kristina quickly bailed and Nick went after her.

What do you think of the results on The Bachelor Season 21 tonight?

They were definitely on different pages, because while Danielle was imagining them tackling huge life events together, Nick was struggling to keep the conversation flowing.

With the revelation that she'd "live in a shack with no diamonds for Nick", the ultimate sacrifice for love, Corinne decided it was time to do something to solidify her relationship. He told her he had such a love for her, but the other relationships were stronger. So, she got ready and marched over to Nick's hotel room to seduce him. She was afraid to say how she was feeling because the last man she loved, passed away.

Corinne, who used process of elimination to decide she was on the chopping block, entered full-blown panic when Nick arrived at the house. She said he did not give her a fair chance, but he still sends her home and the final four is in place!

  • Salvatore Jensen