WH rewriting Trump's travel ban order

"The unfortunate part is that it takes time statutorily, but we will win that battle".

Justice Department lawyers seem to at least be considering it, as they asked a U.S. District Court judge in Washington Monday to postpone his own proceedings until there was some action from the 9th Circuit.

US President Donald Trump has suffered another defeat in his battle to have a 90-day visitor ban restored on visitors to the United States from mostly Muslim countries.

"Every single court option is on the table, including an appeal of the Ninth Circuit decision on the TRO (temporary restraining order) to the Supreme Court, including fighting out this case on the merits", Priebus said.

Pressure continued to mount on Mr Trump's executive order - which has now been suspended for nearly a week - on Friday, with Virginia becoming the latest state to file a challenge to the order. The order caused chaos at airports in the USA and sparked protests across the country.

Meanwhile, the president faces an worldwide test as well. Earlier Friday, he promised to take action "very rapidly" to protect the US and its citizens in the wake of the appeals court decision, but he did not specify what steps he planned to take. "It will happen rapidly". "The experience and energy of people who come to our country to seek a better life for themselves and their children to pursue the "American Dream" are woven throughout the social, political, and economic fabric of the nation".

DONALD Trump has slammed the decision to uphold the block on his controversial travel ban as a "disgraceful decision". The judge may disagree with the decision and want a reversal; want the imprimatur of the full court on the ruling; or want a vehicle for judges who disagree with the ruling to express their displeasure.

Mr Trump tweeted: "Our legal system is broken!" And there are tremendous threats to our country.

"We will not allow that to happen, I can tell you that right now". On Thursday, three judges of that appeals court did not decide in favor of Trump's attorneys.

The justice department said it was reviewing the decision and considering its options.

Trump tweeted his reaction.

Will you continue to oppose the Muslim ban?

Hillary Clinton, Trump's number one adversary simply posted "3-0".

In the aftermath of a federal appellate court's decisive blow to Trump's move to ban citizens of seven majority-Muslim countries from entering the United States, the White House is working on "possible tweaks" to the executive order, according to a source in close contact with the White House on national security issues. The two other blocked sections deal with refugees.

The Trump travel ban has already affected multiple universities and colleges as their worldwide students and faculty could not enter the country.

  • Larry Hoffman