Vyapam scam: SC cancels admission of over 300 medical students

The Supreme Court on Monday (February 13) cancelled the admissions of more than 634 students who had enrolled in the five-year MBBS course in Madhya Pradesh from 2008 to 2012.

An investigation into the so-called "Vyapam scandal" - named after the state's admissions board - recommended the students be struck from the medical fraternity, but they appealed that ruling in court.

Paying bribes to secure an exam paper early or get bumped up the admissions ladder is not uncommon in India, but the brazen nature of this scam caused particular outrage. The apex court bench, headed by Chief Justice of India J.S. Khera, dismissed all the petitions filed by the students, denying interfering with Madhya Pradesh High Court Order.

"The bench said", The actions of the appellants are founded on unacceptable behaviour and in complete breach of the rule of law. "Nothing obtained by fraud can be sustained".

"It is not in dispute, that none of the appellants would have been admitted to the MBBS course, as their merit position in the Pre-Medical Test, was not as a result of their own efforts." the bench held, responding to a reference made to it after a two-judge bench gave a split verdict in May 2016.

"These students would have become doctors.The apex court has saved the patients from such doctors", he said.

But the three-judge Bench said, "Admission of the appellants to the MBBS course was the outcome of a well orchestrated strategy of deceit and deception. In fact, it was most grave and extreme".

The scam came to light in 2013 when an invigilator realised that one of the candidates was not who he claimed to be.

As the SC has now upheld HC's decision, the judgment makes the admission of all 634 students null and void.

But on Monday, the SC declined to show any sympathy and let the students take up medical profession despite holding their admissions illegal.

  • Leroy Wright