USA behind Japan '100%' after North Korea missile launch

Sunday's launch took place at 07:55 local time (22:55 GMT Saturday) from the Banghyon air base in North Pyongan province on the west side of the Korean peninsula.

Davis, the spokesman, said the US tracked the flight of the missile launched on Saturday evening, USA time, and assessed that it traveled about 500 kilometers, or about 310 miles, before landing in the Sea of Japan. The new USA administration had previously warned North Korea over weapons testing.

While the president was not questioned about North Korea's successful missile launch on Saturday, he chose to bring it up when asked about the "most important national security problems" facing the USA today. KCNA also stressed that it test-fired the missile to a higher altitude in return for reducing its range in consideration of the safety of North Korea's neighbors.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife Akie with Mr Trump and first lady Melania Trump as they met at the president's resort in Florida.

North Korea successfully test fired a ballistic missile Saturday evening that's created to launch from a submarine, USA officials told Fox News.

"North Korea's repeated provocations show the Kim Jong Un regime's nature of irrationality, maniacally obsessed in its nuclear and missile development", the South's foreign ministry said in a statement. North Korea has conducted five nuclear tests, including two a year ago, although its claims to be able to miniaturize a nuclear weapon to be mounted on a missile have never been verified independently. "In that sense, the Obama policy hasn't worked", Simmons remarked while pointing out that the missile wasn't developed in the three weeks that Donald Trump has been president.

This latest North Korean test would, according to analysts, help South Korea further justify its plans for the new missile shield. North Korea has test fired a total of eight Musudans, but only one was successful last June.

Passengers watch a TV screen broadcasting a news report on North Korea firing a ballistic missile into the sea off its east coast, at a railway station in Seoul, on Sunday. He said that in his summit with Trump at the White House on Friday the president "assured me the United States will always stand with Japan 100 percent".

In his New Year's address, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said his country has reached the final stage of preparing to test-launch an intercontinental ballistic missile.

North Korea has previously used only wheeled TELs, which would restrict them to operating from the small amount of paved roads in North Korea. At a standard press briefing on Monday morning, Geng Shuang, the foreign ministry spokesperson said: "China opposes North Korea's launch activities that are in violation of relevant UNSC resolutions".

North Korea is barred under United Nations resolutions from any use of ballistic missile technology but six sets of United Nations sanctions since Pyongyang's first nuclear test in 2006 have failed to halt its drive for what it insists are defensive weapons.

In the wake of North Korea's most recent ballistic missile test the Pentagon is strongly condemning the North Korean program as "a clear grave threat to our national security". DPKR state news agency KCNA says the launch also demonstrated a new launch vehicle.

  • Leroy Wright