Trump Guest Causes Stir With Controversial Photo

Several reporters said Trump and Abe were photographed in the ballroom, talking and apparently viewing documents, shortly after hearing news that North Korea had fired a ballistic missile.

Photos of the moment President Donald Trump learned of North Korea's missile launch and shots of a soldier carrying a mobile nuclear launch unit have appeared online.

DeAgazio also posted a photo with a man who he wrote is responsible for carrying the president's nuclear "football", which allows the president to deploy a nuclear attack at any point.

'The Prime Minister Abe of Japan huddles with his staff and the President is on the phone with Washington DC. the two world leaders then conferred and then went into another room for hastily arranged press conference.

DeAgazio also took a photo of himself with the U.S. official whom he identified as being responsible for carrying around the nuclear football - a briefcase whose contents can be used by the president to authorize a nuclear strike.

The posts from DeAgazio have since been taken down, but archived versions have preserved the surprising amount of access granted to the members of Mar-a-Lago during the weekend visit from the President.

One Mar-a-Lago guest, Richard DeAgazio, documented the situation on his Facebook, posting photos and description of the meeting, writing, "Wow.the center of the action!"

Swanning through the club's living room and main dining area alongside Abe, Trump was - as is now typical - swarmed with paying members, who now view dinner at the club as an opportunity for a few seconds of face time with the new President.

"I just want everybody to understand, and fully know, that the United States of America is behind Japan, our great ally, 100 percent", Trump told reporters during a joint statement late Saturday.

"There wasn't any panicked look". Most of the people [on the terrace] didn't even realize what was happening, ' said DeAgazio.

"I thought he handled it very calmly, and very presidentially", DeAgazio told the Washington Post.

The Facebook photos of Richard DeAgazio are going viral for all the wrong reasons on Monday, February 13.

DeAgazio has since made his Facebook page private, or deleted it entirely. "It just shows that he's a man of the people". Aides and translators surrounded the two leaders as other diners chatted and gawked around them, with staffers using the flashlights on their cellphones to illuminate documents on the darkened outdoor terrace ...

"So we can expect that they will take advantage of the much easier job of keeping eavesdroppers within range of the Presidential table in settings like this if the President insists on holding policy discussions in such places", he said.

DeAgazio also took a photo with Trump's chief strategist, Steve Bannon.

  • Larry Hoffman