The LEGO Batman Movie (2017)

But, nothing happens in a vacuum, and the director of The LEGO Batman Movie, Chris McKay, recently explained to Entertainment Weekly that his film is very much a part of a developing narrative, which is now being shaped into a cinematic universe. Instead, they manage to hit a sweet spot somewhere between parody and sincerity, making them ideal fodder for those who love superheroes, but acknowledge that, deep down, superheroes are kind of silly, really - and that's part of the fun. And Trump's Cabinet nominee - he awaits a confirmation vote after Democrats last month boycotted a Senate hearing - should also receive an executive producer credit in September, when Warner Bros.' "Lego Ninjago Movie" opens. Keanu Reeves reprises his role as a former hitman coming out of retirement in the male-driven action film, which nabbed an A- CinemaScore and placed No. 3 behind Lego Batman and Fifty Shades.

I still can't believe that a movie about the famous toy bricks was one of the best films of 2014.

I'd estimate the movie has about 30 minutes worth of smart and sassy one-liners stretched over a 104-minute running time.

The movie follows Batman (voiced by Will Arnett) as he combats the villains of Gotham City, while also struggling with his constant loneliness at home when not ridding the streets of evil. It just feels so sharp and jarring that it makes the jokes in this segment feel like they come too slowly.

But even for the actual Batman villains, even though that's all [property of] DC, someone still has to go out and find it, you know, the guy that wrote Gentleman Ghost into the issue where he first shows up. After the joy created by watching this scene diminished, many people asked themselves "How was Warner Bros. able to get away with that?"

Nick Carpou, Universal Pictures' president of domestic theatrical distribution, said the first movie debuted in a "perfect storm". How the film makes these references is great, including Batman's "merchandise" gun, which was great for some bits.

Again, Burton cranked out another spectacular, dark flick, Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman being one of the film's many standouts. But it could only work once, because you can only wink and nudge as often as that movie did-incessantly, compulsively, like a happy eager dog wagging its tail-so many times before the joke starts to try our patience. Everything pops more and has more effects, and characters are more animated. So what we've got is a very solid family film with plenty for both kids and adults to enjoy and lots of fun nods to Batman's vast history. And sure enough, LEGO Batman, directed by Chris McKay, gives us a fast-paced delight that expands on its predecessor and delivers even more thrills and laughs.

Which other franchises would you like to see appear in upcoming Lego movies?

. Do you like the idea of a Lego cinematic universe?

  • Salvatore Jensen