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The two senators wrote a letter to the Trump administration criticizing Trump's use of the club and the recent increase in fees to enter to become a member to $200,000 in early February. Trump had vowed such a launch would never happen, so the moment had the potential to be the first critical test of his resolve in a tense nuclear standoff. What if a diner or a server takes a picture of the papers, would anyone even notice a camera flash when the aides themselves seem to be reading the information under their phone flashlights.

"HOLY MOLY!" Richard DeAgazio posted on Facebook along with the pictures.

At least one former member of the intelligence community said he had no problem with Trump dealing with a crisis in the middle of a private club, albeit a fancy one.

What now has White House officials and the Pentagon in a pickle is how to respond to the security breach.

The photo of the aide doesn't pose any immediate security risk, but it's illustrative of another problem, said Stephen Schwartz, a nuclear weapons policy expert and the coauthor of "Atomic Audit", which assesses the costs of the USA nuclear weapons program. "Now we have unknown and unvetted Mar-a-Lago members looking over the President's shoulder as he conducts our foreign policy". Wow.the center of the action!' But he says that during dinner Trump and US and Japanese officials were discussing plans for a press conference later that night. He said that Trump was indeed briefed about North Korea, but that he and Abe had been discussing plans for a press conference to be held later that night.

Just months after he called for the jailing of Hillary Clinton for receiving classified information on her personal server, President Donald Trump dealt with an global crisis from his dinner table in the middle of a packed Mar-a-Lago club Saturday night in Palm Beach.

He describes how the two leaders "conferred and then went into another room for hastily arranged press conference", the Times reports. He told the Washington Post that "Rick" "didn't say anything to me" about how the procedures worked. "Most of the people [on the terrace] didn't even realize what was happening", DeAgazio said. "He didn't say anything to me". Not only did the president pop into Lindner's son's wedding, but he also hosted billionaire casino oligarch Sheldon Adelson for a private dinner at the White House and nominated billionaire Joe Ricketts' son, Todd Ricketts, as deputy commerce secretary. We are totally sure there will still be a country for you to return to - although for how much longer, at this rate, we can not honestly say.

"You don't hear anything".

The Facebook account that was previously active under the name "Richard DeAgazio" (and lives on through archives) show the two new photos at Donald Trump's Palm Beach Home that DeAgazio had added to Facebook on Sunday, February 12, in Palm Beach, Florida.

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