Several Dead After Gunmen Open Fire During Evening Prayers

Another mosque member said in French that the people who were most targeted inside the mosque were those standing in prayer.

Trudeau is planning to travel to Quebec City later today as the country reels from the deadly shooting, which took place at the Centre culturel islamique de Quebec.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said, "It's with sadness and horror that Canadians learned of the devastating terrorist attack that occurred last night in Quebec City".

Quebec police confirmed the shooting at a Quebec mosque in a tweet, and police on the scene said there had been fatalities.

Police have also not disclosed details regarding those arrested.

On Sunday, Alexandre Bissonnette allegedly shot six and wounded eight individuals at a mosque in Quebec City.

Police said they responded to the initial reports of the shooting at 7:55 p.m. local time, arriving within minutes at the mosque.

NYPD officers assigned to the Critical Response Command, an anti-terrorism unit, will have their work hours extended and be assigned to "certain mosque locations", the NYPD said late Sunday. City police said that all occupants of the site have been evacuated and the site has been secured.

In an early Monday morning press conference, the visibly-shaken Quebec city mayor, Regis Labeaume, expressed his horror at the attack.

A second person who is being held was originally considered a suspect but had since been reclassified as a witness.

Pope Francis offered his condolences. "Solidarity with Muslims of Quebec", he tweeted.

Conservative MP Sylvie Boucher, who represents a riding in the Quebec City area, had tears in her eyes as she described her reaction to the attack.

More than 50 worshippers were in the mosque when the attack began during evening prayers.

Police also refused to release the suspects' names nor comment on a possible motive, citing an ongoing investigation. In 2015, a mosque was set on fire in the neighboring province of Ontario. During Ramadan, the holiest time of the year for Muslims, a severed pig head was left on its doorstep along with a threatening note in 2016.

  • Zachary Reyes