Screaming McCarthy Ratchets It Up on 'SNL' To Slay Spicer Again

So naturally last week he was in SNL's cross-hairs, with Melissa McCarthy's performance universally acclaimed impression rearing its head again.

During last week's Saturday Night Live, the world LOL'd Melissa McCarthy's Emmy-worthy cameo as Donald Trump's hilariously incompetent press secretary, Sean Spicer.

After the New York Times journalist questioned what the president would do now the Court of Appeal had stopped the immigration ban, Spicer indicated that Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump would take it to TV courtroom series The People's Court.

Showing a Barbie, symbolic of a "nice American girl", Spicer says, "We know she's OK because she's blonde".

But the hottest, most cutting line of the skit fell to Kate McKinnon as Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Trump has lashed out at SNL on a number of occasions for its satirization of him and his administration, branding the show "unwatchable" and "not funny" in a December tweet. At least not yet.

"First of all, I'd just like to announce I'm calm now, and I will remain calm as long as you sons of...", McCarthy said.

Just like with last week's sketch, the SNL version of Spicer dug into his big boxes of props as a means of communicating with the dishonest media, who McCarthy shouts out as being, "dumb babies". The TSA doll pats Moana down.

This caused him to be ushered off very quickly.

Kellyanne Conway can now join Sean Spicer among those in the Trump administration who've been lacerated by the newly sharp-edged SNL.

Baldwin's Trump won't swear to tell the whole truth as he argues his complaint against the three federal appellate judges who declined to lift a temporary restraining order on the immigration and travel restrictions in his January 27 executive action.

"Spicer" stated that, after Trump's executive order was struck down by a federal circuit court, the president would take the matter to People's Court, foreshadowing a sketch that arrived later in the episode. Elizabeth Warren, who challenged the "Weekend Update" hosts about their workloads.

"That's OK, I'm a TV president", Baldwin's Trump said. "I want the ban reinstated, also I want $725!" he says.

The sketch wasn't the only jab at Sessions Saturday night, which later poked fun at allegations Sessions made racist comments in the past.

  • Leroy Wright