President Donald Trump Is Collecting A Dossier on Urban Journalists

The argument - which escalated to a point that Secret Service needed to get involved, according to The Washington Post - was a result of accusations that the reporter, American Urban Radio Networks White House correspondent April D. Ryan, was "manipulated" by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

According to The Post, the altercation was sparked by emails Manigault had sent Ryan in October, in which Manigault accused Ryan of being a "paid Clinton surrogate", which Ryan has denied.

"It's just ugly", she said.

"She stood right in my face like she was going to hit me", Ryan said regarding her altercation with the former "Apprentice" cast member.

When Omarosa made that claim, Ryan said that she responded by saying, "Good for you, good for you, good for you".

Omarosa then allegedly told Ryan that the Trump press team had "dossiers" on uncooperative reporters and Ryan was among them. Ryan also claims Manigault revealed there is a dossier of information that Trump has been collecting on reporters.

Outside sources tell Heat Street a confrontation between the two had been brewing for some time.

Ryan said the blowup with Manigault, who is now a communications official in the White House, happened in the West Wing on February 8 when Manigault told her she was one of several African-American reporters who were the subject of "dossiers" on file at the White House.

No stranger to playing hardball on reality television, Omarosa Manigault seems to have brought that sensibility to the White House. "You don't mess with someone's livelihood".

"This story suggests that as a reporter, you are (or were) a paid Clinton surrogate", Manigault wrote in the email.

"You have worked too hard to have people question your ethics as a reporter", she added in a second email sent minutes after her first.

"I pray this is not true!" "It's hurtful to hear people say those things about you".

Trump officials did not immediately return requests for comment from the Daily News, but Manigault gave a one sentence response when reached by The Post over email.

The Post said Manigault, who also led Trump's outreach to African-American voters during the 2016 presidential race, did not specify what she considered false about the report. "Because all I see are two heartbroken friends".

  • Larry Hoffman