Paul Nuttall says he did not lose 'close friends' at Hillsborough

Paul Nuttall, who will shortly stand for election in the Stoke by-election, had made the claim in a post on his website.

The Ukip leader immediately interrupted to deny the claim before reading a print out from the site.

"I know it's a dirty game but this is beyond scraping the barrel to be perfectly honest with you".

"Well. that's not from me sorry".

Nuttall has also previously said he was on the Hillsborough terraces on the day of the disaster, although this claim has been contradicted in some quarters.

"It was people I knew through football and things like that".

The aforementioned post on his website states: "This is a cover-up of a cover-up".

"I haven't lost a close personal friend, I lost someone who I know, I don't know who's written..." replied the UKIP leader. At least one, dating from August 17, 2011, is still online.

"Many fans did lose close friends and it's appalling he has made such a suggestion".

However, in a letter published in the North Wales Daily Post in 2010 criticising comments made by the Conservative culture secretary, Nuttall wrote: "I was at Hillsborough that day and am deeply offended by Jeremy Hunt's remarks".

When pressed further on his whereabouts on that tragic day in Sheffield, he suggested that there's a campaign that's "cruel and it's nasty".

However, BuzzFeed News has now found multiple instances where The Sun has reported Nuttall as giving direct quotes to the newspaper, including as recently as December 2016 and January 2017.

See a snapshot of the statement from Nuttall's website below. "It's making out as if my family are lying as well, which is just not fair or right".

What's more, a fellow pupil from Savio high school who claims he's been friends with Nuttall for 25 years told the Guardian he'd never heard him mention the disaster - or being at it.

But when MailOnline contacted the National League club to ask whether he had ever played for the first team, a spokesman said, "Definitely not".

The other, from May, which praised Blackpool FC's promotion to the Premier League, claimed he "spent time as a professional footballer for Tranmere Rovers".

  • Leroy Wright