Now Controls Smart Homes Without Google Home Google Assistant Gets Home Control,

At this juncture, the feature is available only for the Nexus and the Pixel devices, however, it's also unclear on whether or not the instant tethering will be rolled out beyond the Google's devices. The designated device will actually connect automatically to a tethered Wi-Fi connection. By tapping the "Provide data connection" you'll be able to initiate the host device, while "Get data connection" gets the receiving device ready.

You can find out more details about the Instant Tethering feature on the above smartphones and tablets over at Google at the link below. The shared cellular connection idea is a great one, but only if Google decides to extend this capability for other devices as well rather than just its own stable of mobile products. This is great news for technology, as Google had brought the Google Now for other devices after it launched for its Nexus smartphones, which took the way forward, for a generation of virtual voice activated assistants. And, as the help page noted, some carriers have placed limits on tethering or charge extra to use it.

The real important battle however is between the companies that want their devices and services to act as the central hub for the others. Once you have the option enabled on both devices, and you unlock the device that now has no internet access near your internet-connected host, a notification will pop up. The feature has finally started seeding to select devices including the Nexus lineup and the Pixel phones. If your phone isn't registered in the beta program, you can do that simply by heading to Google's sign up page.

Once you're setup, a notification will appear on your non-host devices whenever you're in range and there's a data connection. Since tethering will most likely drain battery life, the connection will automatically disconnect after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Have you got Google Assistant working?

Tap the dots in the top right-hand corner of the Assistant's pop-up card to bring the side menu up, then tap "Settings". However, you'll usually have to go through a few steps to set up the connection.

  • Arturo Norris