Mitch McConnell formally silences Elizabeth Warren during Jeff Sessions debate

And Ms Warren was reading from a letter written 10 years before Mr Sessions was elected to the Senate. But I would respectfully disagree with her assessment of Sen.

Warren responded by saying that she was merely quoting from materials, including comments by the late Sen. When Warren challenged the ruling, the Senate voted along party lines to uphold it.

What, exactly, does it mean for one senator to "impugn" or "impute" another? After that, Daines told Warren to "take her seat", he said. The historic breach of Senate norms was met with shock on Capitol Hill: The Washington Post ran an in-depth one-on-one interview in which Booker explained how he agonized over the choice before deciding it was the right thing to do.

It was February 1902, and a feud was escalating between the two Democratic senators from SC. "I would yearn from the day that the Senate and frankly the country as a whole would pull back from the abyss of recrimination and personal attacks".

Holding a transcript of her speech in the Senate Chamber, Sen.

That mutual frustration boiled over Tuesday night, when Republicans forced Sen. John Heinz (R-Penn.) "an idiot" and "devious" in a debate on the Senate floor.

Hours after GOP leaders blocked Sen. Other examples are hard to come by. Mitch McConnell silenced Sen.

Elizabeth gained massive support after Senator Mitch McConnell refused to let her read a letter written by Coretta Scoot King during the debate over the nomination of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General on February 7.

- Tom Udall (@SenatorTomUdall)I read Mrs. King's letter about Mr. Sessions once unsuccessfully prosecuted civil rights activists who were registering elderly black Alabamans to vote, and has stirred controversy in his decades in D.C. for voicing criticism of the Voting Rights Act, stalwart opposition to all bipartisan efforts at immigration reform, and voting against federal hate crimes legislation and the Violence Against Women Act.

"You stated that a sitting senator is a disgrace to the Department of Justice", responded Sen. But McConnell made a decision to let the speeches proceed uninterrupted, suggesting that he realized the censure was helping Democrats organize and mobilize their base - at least more than letting Warren speak would have, Democrats on the Hill say. She was ordered to sit down. She had appeared to violate the rule.

As the exchange spread on social media, some were quick to point out that McConnell was once the target of a personal attack on the Senate floor. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, called him a liar in a 2015 dustup. There was no Rule 19 invocation then.

The Senate proceeded to vote, 49-43, prohibiting Warren from speaking throughout the remainder of the debate on Sessions. But that didn't stop her from reading the text of King's letter and streaming it live Tuesday night.

Sen. Jeff Merkley later managed to read the same letter on the Senate floor.

  • Zachary Reyes