Melissa McCarthy brings back Spicer with a 2nd 'SNL' gender swap

Even New York Times reporter Glenn Thrush (played by cast member Bobby Moynihan) made a return, this time wearing his signature fedora.

To open regular Donald Trump impersonator Alec Baldwin's seventeenth tenure as SNL host, McCarthy returned as Spicer, deciding to crank things up again.

McCarthy generated rave reviews last week for her first turn as the White House's pugnacious new chief spokesman. 'You know what? Spicey's gonna explain it so you dumb babies can understand it'. Spicey took a leaf blower to a reporter who challenged the statistics bragging that he' was "blowing away dishonesty".

McCarthy then mocked the news of Nordstrom dropping Ivanka Trump's clothing line from their retailers as "light terrorism".

Watch the whole sketch above. "Trump doesn't like his people to look weak", a top Trump donor told the political site.

Spicer then uses his famous props - taking out a Barbie doll and another doll with darker skin. "We're gonna pat her down, read her emails and if we don't like what they say, it's Guantanamo Bay!" Here's to hoping that there is plenty more Melissa McCarthy in our future, as she's the biggest star of this season and has only appeared in two episodes - something that will surely change throughout the year.

"It would seem somewhat logical-we have that strong jawline, don't we?" she said.

Baldwin even reflected on the classic NPR parody, "The Delicious Dish", where he introduced his character Pete's "Schweddy balls" to the NPR ladies. The boxes, which were emblazoned with the President of the United States seal, contained dolls to illustrate how immigration policy would work in the President Donald Trump era. Out came Jeff Sessions, played by Kate McKinnon with the help of some earlobe extensions and extra, extra, extra eyebrows as served with a side dish of racist banter. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). Leslie Jones also expressed a desire to portray Trump, donning blond eyebrows and a wig for a sketch.

Spicer took questions about the travel ban.

"I do wanna say I appreciate the fierce debate around my nomination", McKinnon-as-Sessions said in a heavy Southern drawl. "I also want $725". The carryover from the Super Bowl likely accounts for the high ratings of that episode, but they hype for this one was for a completely different group of reasons.

  • Salvatore Jensen