Man held with 1.2 kg gold in rectum at Hyderabad airport

Their search revealed eight gold bars (each weighing about 100g) hidden in the lamps' back covers.

In another case of gold smuggling, AIU officers intercepted a female passenger and recovered 14 gold bars, weighing 10 tolas each, from her possession.

According to the customs officials, the passenger who arrived from Singapore by Tiger Airways flight TR 2624 landed around 1 am on Sunday. In total, he was carrying about $80,000 in gold. Gold bought in India retails for a significantly higher price than that bought in Singapore or Dubai, enticing smugglers to come up with new ways to get the commodity into the country, where they can turn a large profit from its resale.

Body packing or body stuffing is a common way of smuggling goods across worldwide borders.

Customs officials in India are trained to spot passengers walking with discomfort at Indian airports as potential gold smugglers, said the Times of India.

One customs agent said: "A smuggler bringing gold pieces concealed in his rectum is often an expert".

A gold smuggler, not involved in this week's operation, known only as Sajilal, told the Daily Express, the maximum any smuggler should attempt to carry internally is 800g. As much as one kg of drugs or gold bars divided into several packs can be concealed in body cavities. Food or water is a strict no during assignments.

  • Zachary Reyes