Lady Gaga, Metallica Spotted At Grammy Awards Rehearsals

What resulted was a head-banger that made for one seriously fierce Lady Gaga performance, as she sported a Metallica tank and snarled into the microphone like a natural metal-head. At the end, Hetfield was visibly angry at the mic problems and threw his mic to the ground, while throwing his guitar off stage.

Lady GaGa has said she "couldn't ignore" the online body shaming that occurred after her Super Bowl performance last weekend, explaining she needed to take a stand, for herself and for her fans.

When Gaga and Hetfield started to perform Metallica's "Moth Into Flame", from their latest album Hardwired... to Self- Destruct, lead singer Hetfield could not be heard at all. Hetfield's mic didn't kick in until midway through the song, so the rocker was forced to share a mic with Gaga during their duet. Hey, if Metallica was willing to record an album with Lou Reed, they should put out a record with Gaga. Later in the performance, he sang into his own microphone and it worked again.

If you've been paying attention to Lady Gaga's Instagram - and you should - you know that Gaga loves her some metal.

Lady Gaga isn't the best at keeping secrets. He's unbelievable. I went to see them live.

During her halftime show, Gaga sported a sparkly Versace number with hot trousers and a tummy baring top.

It wasn't the first performance glitch of the night though, as Adele shocked viewers by restarting her tribute to George Michael part way into the song. She told fans they should never "cater to anyone or anything to succeed", and added, "Be relentlessly you".

  • Salvatore Jensen