Knicks President James Dolan postpones meeting with local leaders

It was a polarizing event that resulted in a vast majority of Knicks fans pointing the finger at Dolan, who has a rumored contempt for Oakley.

The latest move for the Knicks' owner in his public-relations Battle Royale with Charles Oakley, after suggesting Oakley had mental problems and was an alcoholic, was tapping into the long memory of NY basketball fans.

Adams plans to meet with Dolan to discuss the incident.

The Knicks' original statement on the night of the incident stated that they hoped Oakley would "get the help he needs", and Dolan doubled down on that sentiment during a radio interview on Friday.

The team shared with The Associated Press a 1-minute security video of moments leading up to the altercation, containing brief clips of Oakley in his seat, talking to a hostess and being confronted by Garden officials.

Meanwhile, Dolan had none other than Latrell Sprewell sitting next to him during the last Knicks game, and the two of them hadn't even spoken for more than a decade. Dolan said he suspects Oakley may have a drinking problem, which the former Knick also denied. I was alarmed as a Knicks fan.

Speaking on The Michael Kay Show, Dolan speculated possible issues with Oakley, saying, "He may have a problem with alcohol". "But this behavior just doesn't work with that". On Friday, reported that Frank Benedetto, the senior vice president for security at the Madison Square Garden Company, was sacked Friday.

Oakley is no longer comped tickets or invited to official team functions, though still goes a few times a year when he buys his own tickets. They're not forgetting about him any time soon.

Rapper sending a message of support for Charles Oakley.

  • Julie Sanders