Ivanka Trump Wasn't Impressed With Kellyanne Conway's Free Commercial

Hasn't she gone to Washington for four years?'

Conway later tweeted that Melania is "making best decision for her son" by staying in NY.

Despite the fact that the First Lady is now suing the Daily Mail for $150 million over an article it published previous year, Kellyanne Conway went on TV last weekend to insist Melania Trump couldn't care less what people say or think about her.

"The woman is handsome inside and out, brilliant.She was a successful entrepreneur in her own right, and she is a loving and supportive wife and mother". "And I have to say, a great friend and great role model to many of us who work closely with the president and first family".

Despite her alleged overwhelming positives, the Trump adviser knows why the media continues to go after her.

She added that Melania doesn't call a lot of attention to herself, which appears to irritate some people. "They want to dissect and wonder".

In addition, a producer from a network that isn't CNN has apparently expressed concern that Conway doesn't have as big a role in the administration as she is said to have publicly.

"To have an immigrant as our first lady - somebody who waited and went through the proper channels - waited, I'm told, up to 10 years to go through the proper channels and get everything approved".

"It's so gratifying to me to see that in 2017, frankly, an immigrant first lady", Conway said on Fox News' "Media Buzz" in an interview that aired Sunday. "Why isn't she out there?"

The story also suggested that Melania isn't stepping up to her duties as first lady. But instead of resigning, she and her husband asked for a leave of absence for just one year.

  • Larry Hoffman