Irish cinema BANS single men from watching Fifty Shades Darker

Although the cast of Fifty Shades Darker may have been forbidden by Universal to discuss nipple clamps in interviews, there's no stopping them from talking about what it was like to film the many sex scenes littered throughout the movie. It's a awful movie, as you probably already know, but at least it's jam-packed full of hilarious, weird and downright dumb moments that make it nothing if not an extremely memorable experience.

Fifty Shades Darker fared much better overseas, bringing in US$100.1 million and topping worldwide charts. "I thought it was the sweetest thing ever".

One would think we would have left the movie theatre feeling aroused, but instead, the movie concluded with us debating its structural issues and how poor Jamie Dornan's performance was in such a dominant role.

She shared that this time she found filming erotic scenes much easier with her co-star Jamie Dorman as she got more comfortable with him.

I know books and movies rarely align, but there are many key points in the books where the plot thickens and leaves readers flipping through pages as quickly as possible on a quest to find out what happens next. After the first film ended with Ana and Christian driven apart because she couldn't commit to his desires, "Darker" sees the two reconcile, but on her terms. Grey on the big screen. The film franchise wraps up next year with the release of "Fifty Shades Freed" and James said she's already written another book exploring a young adult love story - with no sex.

  • Salvatore Jensen