Hannity Backs Up Miller, Goes After Scarborough On Twitter

"Maybe he's just stupid".

Co-host Mika Brzezinski found Miller's performance so personally appalling that she didn't wait for Monday's broadcast - she tweeted out her disgust and used the hashtag #MillerTime2Go, encouraging others to pick up on it.

The move was likely calculated to catch Trump's eye: The president reportedly begins his day flipping channels in a routine that includes the MSNBC show.

Scarborough kept up his criticism of Miller's appearances on Twitter Monday, following the brief exchange with Hannity. "We do not have judicial supremacy in this country", Miller had argued at the time. "Donald Trump would be impeached if they did not adhere to.what the courts were saying", he added. "It's called judicial review", Scarborough said, as his colleagues on set guffawed. Alexander Hamilton and James Madison wrote about it in the Federalist Papers. 'Well, aren't we king?'

"You really need to go back and read the Constitution", Scarborough said.

Scarborough also asked Washington Post journalist David Ignatius to weigh in on Miller's performance, which President Trump later praised.

Rice infamously said in a series of September 2012 interviews that an anti-Islam video caused the deadly terror attack in Benghazi Libya, a specious claim that quickly proved false.

Scarborough and Brzezinski weren't alone in condemning Miller's performance.

But Miller was undaunted in his defense of Trump. It sounds like a spokesman out of Turkey, ' he said.

"While Miller doesn't want to show any evidence on TV, he will show all of his face on any of it", Colbert noted, showing the Trump advisor insisting he will defend the president on "any show, anytime, anywhere".

"Oh my God. It's so much worse than I ever thought", he exclaimed.

  • Larry Hoffman