Google Updates Chrome with WebVR Support for Daydream View Headset

For now, users will need to have a Daydream Android phone, such as Google's Pixel, or Google's Daydream View headset to immerse themselves in VR on the web.

As ZDNet sister site CNET notes, Google and Firefox maker Mozilla developed WebVR along with Facebook's Oculus team, but the only generally available browser to support it yet is Chrome on Android, with WebVR now implemented in Mozilla's Firefox nightly build.

There are not a lot of WebVR-based websites presently available, yet few of them are truly impressive. That's the principle underpinning WebVR, as per CNET. PC and laptop users can explore the VR space with the help of mouse and keyboard while tablet and smartphone users can explore it with their fingers. The new feature follows the December release of WebVR in the Chrome Android beta. With the update, owners of a Daydream-ready smartphone and a Daydream View headset can now experience virtual reality content directly through the Chrome browser.

Of course, WebVR is pretty much useless if there's no content to gawk at.

As per Gadgets some of the other websites mentioned by Google include Matterport's library (with 300,000+ celebrity homes, museums, canyons, iconic architecture and many other real places), Within, Sketchfab community hub for VR content, and WebVR Lab from PlayCanvas. It is being claimed by the Google to bring the advanced technology of virtual content to each and everyone and on any device in the coming months.

To view sites in VR, all you have to do is to hook up your device with the Daydream View, and launch Chrome. Until now, Daydream and Cardboard had been restricted to VR apps, but it's now opening up to Google's widely recognized, browser, which should make accessing VR-ready sites easier. It has been declared by Google that the users with Daydream compatible phones and daydream view headset will going to have the fully immersive experience.

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  • Carolyn Briggs