Forza Series Zooms Past $1 Billion in Total Retail Sales

By the end of a year ago, the Forza series had generated a total of over $1 billion in retail sales. This is great news for the game as it is my favourite racing game of all time and the overall Forza Franchise has exceeded a billion dollars in retail sales.

Of course, this announcement comes shortly after Playground Games (the primary developer of Forza Horizon 3) was revealed to be working on a much different non-racing game. This news brings to an end an wonderful year for Forza as it saw more than 14 million unique players involved in the community on Xbox One and Windows 10 by the end of last year. The NPD Group came to this conclusion based on sales from each of the games in the series, including all Motorsport and Horizon games.

A year ago also saw the launch of the Forza Racing Championship, an eSports league for players of all skill levels to compete for bragging rights and real-world prizes.

According to Microsoft, there were over 14 million players involved in the Forza community, including players from both Windows 10 and the Xbox One. We couldn't be more proud of their success. Alan Hartman over at Turn 10 Studios also stated that the online racing community for the franchise has also "expanded significantly" with over three million players logging on each month to compete in the Forza Racing Championship, their esports league that anyone of any skill level that can participate in.

The next Forza title should be released later this year, and we'll let you know was we hear more.

  • Carolyn Briggs