Donald Trump requested 64 foreign guest workers for his "winter White House"

Over the weekend, President Trump made headlines for conducting global diplomacy from the center dining table at his Mar-A-Lago hotel in Florida.

When the president is away from the White House many such crisis conversations take place in a "Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility" - or SCIF. "These sorts of important briefings between heads of state should be happening in a classified setting, not over cocktails and appetizers".

Thanks to social media, we now have all seen photos of President Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe huddling at a dinner table seconds after news broke that North Korea had fired a missile towards Japan.

Photos of the moment President Donald Trump learned of North Korea's missile launch and shots of a soldier carrying a mobile nuclear launch unit have appeared online.

Trump's election is also putting charitable organizations, such as the American Red Cross, in an awkward position for choosing Mar-a-Lago for events booked months in advance.

The two senators wrote a letter to the Trump administration criticizing Trump's use of the club and the recent increase in fees to enter to become a member to $200,000 in early February. Trump spent much of his campaign blasting opponent Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server to conduct business while she was secretary of state, something Trump said was not almost secure enough.

In just one dinner service at his Mar-a-Lago club, President Donald Trump managed to blunder through the basics of national security, making Hillary Clinton's private email server scandal look like an etiquette faux pas. The Trump family has spent many of their holidays at their South Florida home and security is expected to be tight in the area.

Individual club members can invite guests, submitting a list of names of table guests for security clearance to officials ahead of time. Aside from the potential for hacking, unlike at the White House, the staff working in the club aren't subject to background checks; indeed, the H-2B process is notoriously abused.

A MA man is quickly becoming the second most talked about member at Mar-a-Lago. Instagram user katerinacozias posted a photo from brunch at Mar-a-Lago noting the first lady was also eating there, "oh, and of course, Mr. Steve Bannon".

A guest shot a minute-long video of Trump's impromptu speech, which was then shared with New York Magazine. "If the president hadn't offered to pay, the US government would be paying Donald Trump's business for the goal of hosting the Japanese leader".

President George W. Bush took advantage of his dusty ranch in Crawford, Texas, and regularly invited foreign counterparts there for talks.

  • Julie Sanders