'Disgusted' Britney Spears fans attack Katy Perry for 'mental health

Katy Perry offered her first performance of her new track "Chained to the Rhythm" on the Grammy stage and it was impossible not to notice its heavily symbolic nature. Wearing a white suit and rose colored glasses - yes, we caught that Katy - she impeccably shows off her vocal range singing "So comfortable, we can not see the trouble, trouble/So put your rose-colored glasses on/And party on".

Towards the end of Perry's part, Bob Marley's grandson Skip Marley sings his own verse to the song and the two then finish the song.

"While the performer's fizzy, rose-colored "purposeful pop" return is welcome-and a nice break from the moody, atmospheric R&B sex-pop now dominating Top 40-it lacks the bite and sacrifice of other artists who have tread into unfiltered social, cultural and political commentary in their music", says critic Erica Russell, adding that the message of the song gets lost in the Max Martin produced rhythm she desperately is trying to get away from.

Decoration: 'Are we insane? She likely didn't give the line much thought.

Hero of the week is Lady Gaga, who hit back at body shamers following her SuperBowl performance. It's definitely a new era for me.

"It's like the last colour in the spectrum that I can do", she said, talking about her hair", she said. 'But it's a different just me... just pay close attention to the narrative'. That's what pretty much everyone is thinking right now after the singer's freakish behavior in not one, but TWO separate interviews.So Katy hit the red carpet at the 59th Grammy awards, clearly ready to piss everyone off - cause that's exactly what she did.

"Oh! Sorry! I'm live!"

Katy Perry has angered Britney Spears fans after she made a joke about the singer's mental breakdown in 2007.

Katy, who wore an attention-grabbing Tom Ford dress, had been explaining the long gap since her last album, 2014's Prism.

'There was a pause in the music for a little while, ' queried E!'s Ryan Seacrest.

She said of her time out: "Yeah, that's called taking care of your mental health".

'How'd that go?' he asked, leading to Katy's apparent reference to Britney.

Simply put, Perry seems to have transformed her messaging from the sticky-sweet goodness of "I Kissed A Girl" to the nostalgic dance floor jam that was "Teenage Dream", all the way to one that sends a bigger message.

The aftermath of November's bitterly fought U.S. presidential election has produced a succession of political comments by artists at awards shows, most notably actress Meryl Streep's speech attacking U.S. President Donald Trump during the Golden Globes Awards in January.

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