Current Flu Season Washington's Deadliest Since 2010, Officials Say

That's according to the latest numbers from the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control.

Statistics from the CDC show the virus is widespread in 43 states.

Local health systems have recorded over 400 positive cases of flu since January 29.

The state Health Department reported a total of 23 deaths and 827 hospitalizations statewide since the flu season began in September.

The flu vaccine is recommended for everyone ages six months and older, including pregnant women. Health department employees say they started seeing cases of the flu in early September.

All three had other health issues, the release said.

"It's not a good situation", Richards said.

The state cautioned that the actual number of flu deaths may be higher because flu deaths can be underreported.

Jenny Harkel, the communicable disease specialist for the Porter County Health Department, said the county also hasn't seen the 10 percent absentee rate from the schools that requires reporting.

Few cleaning products work against norovirus except for a bleach solution, Allen added. She says families need to take regular precautions. Anyone who becomes ill with the flu and is pregnant, has an underlying medical condition, is older than 65 years old or younger than 2 years old, or experiences a particularly severe form of the illness should contact their healthcare provider immediately.

  • Joanne Flowers