Clark CYO players vote to forfeit season after girls kicked off team

Eventually, a parent put the question to the fifth-graders: "Is your decision to play the game without the two young ladies on the team, or do you want to stay as a team as you have played all season, with the girls on the team?" Parents say Donovan also wiped the St. John's team record because the girls had played in previous games.

Keisha Martel, who is the mother of one of the girls, Kayla, and an assistant coach reminded the entire team that if they do go through with keeping the girls, they'll have to forfeit the entire season.

For several years, a Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) basketball team in New Jersey had included a pair of girls. Prior to their match-up against St. Bartholomew the Apostle on Friday, St. John's coach left it up to the team to decide what they wanted to do. After being told they either can play without the girls on their team or end the season, they chose to end the season. But parents said there simply wasn't enough interest from girls to form their own team.

"I'm sick and exhausted of this", she said. Yes, they ended the season prematurely.

Drop the girls and keep playing?

Tasked with making the call themselves, chants of "Unity!" broke out as the team instead opted to end the season.

"They're just trying to get better, and I think they got better today". If the boys kicked the girls off, they could continue to play. "We forfeited that game", Martel said. St. John's Athletic Director Jack Cajuste admitted he made a mistake in allowing the team to exist the way it did. The Archdiocese of Newark official in charge of the league did not reply to a request from The Post for comment. The girls would not have been able to participate in the final two games, and by a unanimous show of hands, the boys decided that was unacceptable to them. The girl and her sister were expelled after the suit, but an appeals court judge ruled they must be allowed to return to school.

  • Salvatore Jensen