Battlefield 1 Winter Update Now Live, Adding Ribbons and Higher Max Rank

"Battlefield 1" is set to receive a Winter Update sometime this week.

The full patch notes will be released tomorrow. DICE outlined a good amount of the key changes during this afternoon's livestream, and it was noted this was going to be a smaller, bug fix-focused type of patch.

Just a couple of days ago, EA and DICE (publisher and developer, respectively) have announced the upcoming arrival of a new Battlefield 1 update.

The maximum class rank has been increased from 10 to 50. The studio, however, took to Twitter to tease the existence of such Winter Update that is supposedly arriving this week. It will also come with the new Frontlines game mode and the French army.

As reported by GameSpot, team Battlefield 1 revealed via their official Twitter account that the "Battlefield 1" Winter Update will be released soon. Unlike medals, these are all tracked constantly while playing. Performing particular tasks such as securing three kills while on a horse will reward you with one of these ribbon and bonus experience points. These can be unlocked repeatedly in a single match.

On the servers front, DICE explains that admins can now kick players from their servers via the in-game UI, from which they can also "swing a mighty banhammer" for those who fall foul of the rules. With this turned on, players will be given the option to choose from one of two maps on the victory screen that they want to play on next. These hadn't been detailed in full, but we know that the heavy tank will now pop up on the minimap and the cooldown on vehicles' gas abilities is increasing.

For the more technical things, like tweaks, nerfs and buffs, head here. For now, there has not been any specific information on the release date of the winter update. Unfortunately though, the announcement (once again) didn't reveal anything specific about the update.

  • Arturo Norris