Arnold Schwarzenegger's 'Celebrity Apprentice' finale ratings are nowhere near Trump's numbers

"Hillary Clinton called me two days before the election and said, 'Please release that, '" Arnold said. "The weight of the free world is on your shoulders", Arnold alleged.

Now, in one of his final appearances before being voted off Australia's I'm A Celebrity.

After he was eliminated from the show, he told hosts Chris Brown and Julia Morris: "I got a call and they wanted a tape that myself and a lot of people have seen, from outakes of The Apprentice of Donald Trump", he said.

It was revealed later in the boardroom Boy George had raised just under $446,000 (£357,000) for his charity, Safe Kids Worldwide, while Matt had managed to raise around $573,000 (£460,000) for The Arthritis Foundation, so host Arnold Schwarzenegger, who took over from former host and now U.S. President Donald Trump, chose Matt as the victor.

Having first spoke of the tapes (which he says also feature Trump saying the c-word and calling his son a derogatory name) on KIRO Radio back in December, Arnold reprised his claims while lounging in the jungle, shooting the sh*t with his fellow guests. "I will be happy if America is still there", Arnold said.

Arnold, who has known President for more than 30 years, has always been vocal in his opposition to Trump's presidency.

The season-finale ratings for the Arnold Schwarzenegger-hosted reality competition pale in comparison to the numbers for Trump's last season of the show as host.

During the show, Arnold called the U.S. president sexist, racist and "kind of a joke", adding that he has known Trump for 30 years. They said, "I need you to release him saying the N-word".

The actor added that he believes even if the tapes were released before the election, Trump still would have won.

  • Salvatore Jensen