Why Marine Le Pen is worrying French Jews

Le Pen, from the far-right National Front party, said in an interview with France 2 TV, that she would not allow French citizens to hold dual citizenship in non-European countries if she were to be elected. The results of this poll ratify Macron as the favorite to win the presidential elections scheduled in April and May, displacing right-wing Fillon, who for months was considered the sure victor of the presidency of France for the next five years.

The Opinionway poll showed Le Pen would get 42 percent of votes compared to 58 percent for Fillon if the scandal-hit Fillon made it through to the second round - Le Pen's highest second-round estimate by polls so far this year.

According to the New York-based Jewish newspaper, the Algemeiner, her policy proposal would also affect French Jews with dual Israeli citizenship.

The leader of the anti-immigration Front National said she would bar the French from holding the citizenship of countries outside the European Union, except for Russian Federation, which she described as part of "the Europe of nations".

With less than three months to go before the first round of the election Le Pen is polling strongly on a nationalist platform of heavily curtailing migration, relinquishing the euro and organising a referendum on France's European Union membership. However, this did not mean that non-French nationals would have to leave the country.

  • Leroy Wright