UK Labour Party Secretly Looking for Candidate to Replace Corbyn

And over the weekend it was revealed Labour have been sounding our potential replacements, with rising stars Rebecca Long-Bailey and Angela Rayner, as well as Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell.

Quizzed on how he felt Mr Corbyn was dealing with Brexit, the former MP for Islwyn told BBC Wales' Sunday Politics programme: "I don't think it's being handled actually".

The peer said the Labour leader should be making "strong salient arguments" about safeguarding the wellbeing of British people.

The group delivered a damning verdict on Mr Corbyn with a leaked report saying he was at times "boring", appeared "fed up" and "looks like a scruffy school kid", The Sunday Times reports.

However Sam said Corbyn has had plenty of opportunities to state his case - indeed talkRADIO has invited him and his inner circle to appear on the show several times. "There were a range of shadow cabinet members that were so-called road tested, this is what we do in our normal run of political consultations".

"I'm just slightly relieved they weren't road testing me on the document that was leaked to the newspaper". When asked about a recent YouGov poll that suggested Corbyn's favourability ratings were weak, he added: "This is not the time for a leadership election".

It also cited polling in the leaked document that rated veteran left-winger Mr Corbyn as the least popular of all current party leaders, including Ukip's Paul Nuttall, who is standing in the upcoming Stoke-on-Trent central by-election.

"This is not the time for a leadership election".

But more than 50 defied him, including a host of his frontbenchers - with four of his Shadow Cabinet resigning, including ally and potential successor to Mr Corbyn, Clive Lewis.

"What potentially could have been a serious problem for the Conservative Party because of the deep divisions in that party over Europe. has actually turned, because of the rather ineffectual handling of the issue by the leadership of the Labour Party, into a series of difficulties for the Labour Party".

He told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show on Sunday: "He has to explain those and he has to improve on them and he's well aware of that".

And Labour's newly appointed campaign chief has admitted Mr Corbyn could go before the next General Election.

Kinnock praised Corbyn's decision to appoint Keir Starmer, the former director of public prosecutions, as shadow Brexit secretary and called on the leader to concentrate on the economic impact of Brexit and how to protect less well-off people when Britain withdraws from the EU.

The Labour leader was forced to reshuffle his top team after a number of members quit ahead of the vote, bringing in Ms Long-Bailey to replace Mr Lewis.

  • Leroy Wright