This singer wore a 'Make America Great Again' dress to the Grammys

She wore one made out of orange snow fence material to the Grammys previous year. So far, the 2017 standout seems to be this "Make America Great Again" dress worn by singer (and actress and vegan health coach?) Joy Villa.

Villa's dress featured stars and President Donald Trump's MAGA slogan going down the front and had the word TRUMP bedazzled at the bottom of the dress.

While her message declared her dedication to loving and supporting others, many on Twitter took the chance to drag Villa and her dress choice. But because of a dress already making waves on Twitter, unfortunately now you do.

Some did, however, support Villa's outfit.

The performer, who was not nominated at the show and was one of the first guests to arrive, initially walked the red carpet outside of Los Angeles' Staples Center in a white cape. Unlined as it was, the dress left absolutely nothing to the imagination, not even managing to cover the flesh-toned pasties and thong she wore underneath.

The singer-songwriter, who goes by the name Princess Joy Villa, teased the ensemble on Instagram with a photo of a heart-shaped clutch and a caption stating, "My whole artistic platform is about LOVE". She's sported eccentric dresses at past Grammys, including largely see-through looks the past two years.

  • Salvatore Jensen