Super Bowl star White gets truck from talk show host

"... And we're looking at each other, and everybody's like, "Yeah!' with that "you know what to do" look". People look back to his historic 92-yard drive to win Super Bowl XXIII, and the fact that he won all four Super Bowls in which he played. For the 2017 edition, 111.3 million Americans were watching at its peak. Anyone with a brain who watches football can see that. Here are five reasons why they will be able to achieve that. On this page are two perspectives of the Super Bowl: one from a weekly sports writer and one from someone who could not care less about sports. I don't think the Falcons as a whole had that attitude. But, days and weeks will go by, and the Patriots will need to focus on the off-season and focus on doing whatever they can to put their team in a position to repeat this year's success in the next season. He dropped back deep in the pocket and fumbled at the hands of Dont'a Hightower to set up a Patriots touchdown with a successful two-point conversion to follow. His kick made the score 21-3 at the long intermission.

No matter who you were rooting for, the fourth quarter provided everything fans clamor for: Drama, heroics and the improbable.

Blank added that Ryan's ability to feel comfortable turning his back to the line of scrimmage, partly due to Alex Mack, partly due to the offensive line withstanding their role staying together and carrying back when releasing the ball were all critical.

Who was your Super Bowl MVP? The Falcons were now up 25 and showed no signs of slowing down. The only thing left to do was to run the ball and throw a few short passes here and there and the clock would do the rest.

In many respects, this game was still over. Patriots do have some important players with contracts that are up for renewal. Head Coach Bill Belichick chose to attempt an onside kick and failed. Edelman's comment shows that in the end they want to win the game, but in that moment of intense competition, it still crosses Edelman's mind that all of this is for Brady's mom.

After the onside kick, the Patriots' defense held.

But the Patriots topped that this season, storming back from a 25-point deficit to upstage the Falcons in Super Bowl LI.

The Falcons season of Hard Knocks was one of the more memorable seasons, which chronicled then-rookie Devonta Freeman, Matt Ryan and veteran/former Falcon Roddy White.

It was a record comeback and a record performance from Brady.

Super Bowl LI ended up being one for the ages, as it was the first time we saw overtime in the big game, and the Patriots mounted the largest comeback in the 51-year history of the championship contest. On the other side, the Falcons were flying around and played absolutely phenomenal. His incredible clutch plays in the post-season helped the Pats secure a berth in the big game and now he's got the reward of Boston's undying love. The Patriots had run over 90 plays by the end of regulation and the Falcons had no answer for their sudden strength.

But they couldn't get through with Julio Jones making one of the greatest catches in Super Bowl history, a catch that was supposed to stop the emphatic comeback.

With a big offseason ahead, the Patriots will be attempting to repeat as Super Bowl Champions.

  • Julie Sanders