Pilots Took Off Their Pants to Accept Their Grammy Award

Twenty One Pilots made a brief but memorable appearance at the Grammy Awards on Sunday by dropping trou while accepting the prize for best pop duo/group performance.

When childhood friends Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun watched the Grammys in their basement before they started making music professionally together, neither of them had trousers on for whatever reason.

The peculiar fashion choice drew quizzical looks from the audience, but Joseph pressed on with his explanation.

After Nick Jonas announced the band's win, the members quickly got up and dropped their pants to walk to the stage and accept their award.

"Anyone from anywhere can do anything, and this is that", said Joseph before leaving the stage.

"The story, it starts in Columbus, Ohio, and it is a few years ago, and it was before Josh and I were able to make money playing music". It was in that moment that they made a pact saying that if they were ever to win a Grammy, they would accept the award the same way they used to watch them: with no trousers... "Josh turned to me, and we were no one at that time, and said to me, 'If we ever go to the Grammys".

James Corden also came back from the commercial break in his underwear before introducing Ed Sheeran for his performance.

  • Salvatore Jensen