Islamic State Leadership Targeted in Airstrike -Baghdadi Fate Unclear

American and Iraqi officials contacted by ABC News were in dispute over the strike today, with one Iraqi official claiming al-Baghdadi was in the targeted city of al-Qa'im, while most of the others voiced strong skepticism.

"We don't have any information to corroborate it", Davis told reporters.

An intelligence cell monitored a convoy that the statement said transported Baghdadi from the area of Raqa, the jihadists' main Syrian stronghold, across the border to the Al-Qaim area in western Iraq. "It was their strike, they announced it".

Raqqa itself is increasingly under pressure by the American-directed coalition of Kurdish and Iraqi forces. Baghdadi's name was not on a list of the dead published by the military.

The statement says Iraqi air force F-16 jets struck the meeting of top IS commanders on February 11, but does not make clear whether Baghdadi was present.

On Sunday, Arab-language media reported that Abu Bakr Baghdadi, leader of the Daesh terrorist organization, banned in Russian Federation and many other countries, was allegedly heavily injured in an airstrike in western Iraq and sent to Syria for treatment.

"Iraqi intelligence was carefully monitoring the movements of Baghdadi, but his injury has not yet been confirmed", an Iraqi defense spokesperson was quoted as saying Monday to Palestinian news outlet Dunya al-Watan.

Mosul is Iraq's second city and the largest ever held by IS.

  • Leroy Wright