Iran commemorates 38th anniversary of revolution

"(Iranians) will resist before enemies until the end".

Rouhani's rally speech, which also called for national unity and focused on the economic achievements of his administration, was part of his "bid for re-election", said Esfandiary. "We are united in the face of bullying and any threat".

-Iranian relations considerably worse by taking 52 American diplomats hostage for 444 days.

Friday's rallies commemorated February 11 of that year, when followers of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini ousted the US -backed Shah Reza Pahlavi.

The Leader stated that the enthusiastic and exemplary presence in nationwide demonstrations was an awesome and unique sign of vibrancy and preparedness of the Iranian nation and pointed out, "Those analysts, who pass a judgment on Iran from afar, are unable to understand this grandeur".

Several people carried black and white signs with text in English calling on Americans to visit Iran.

Mr. Khamenei has recently given his statement where he said that the Iranians are thankful to the current USA president Donald Trump for revealing the true face of the United States. However, other reports suggest that the many such companies are retreating from nascent plans, out of fear that the renewed animosity between Iran and the U.S. will give rise to expanded sanctions enforcement and other barriers to trade.

Iran marked the 38th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution yesterday with festive processions and demonstrations in Tehran's Azadi Square. The sanctions were imposed less than a week after Tehran test-fired a ballistic missile on January 29.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that all "responsible nations" should back new sanctions against Iran, speaking during a meeting with his British counterpart Theresa May in London. Others burned an American flag. The anti-American protest was unified in one repeating chant: "Death to America".

The Leader of Islamic Revolution stressed that trade deals reached between Tehran and European states after last year's enforcement of the 2015 nuclear accord need to be fully implemented.

Rouhani told reporters prior to addressing the crowds that Iranians will make the US regret using threatening language, according to the semi-official ISNA news agency.

"Due to its long relationship with Iran, Sweden is a country with a good reputation in the eyes of our people, and the optimism of nations towards each other will be fertile ground for developing cooperation", the supreme leader said.

Earlier, he had tweeted: 'The new President of the United States says Iran should've appreciated Obama!

A placard at the rally in Tehran.

"The more time goes by, tensions and conflicts increase, especially when you compare it to previous years", said Mostafa Rezai, a 44-year-old driver at the rally in the capital. "Down with the United States regime, long live U.S. people", said another.

"Why people like Trump think they can make decisions for the entire world?"

He added that Iran would continue developing its nuclear-energy program, saying the world understood every country's "natural right" to nuclear power.

Officials, political, trade and cultural figures and foreign diplomats in Greece congratulated Iran's ambassador.

Khomeini referred to the the "Great Satan" and made U.S.

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