Aftershocks rock Philippines quake city

The 6.5-magnitude quake struck Surigao and nearby areas of Mindanao island late Friday, killing six people and injuring more than 200 others, with more than a thousand homes destroyed or damaged, according to officials.

While expressing its deepest concerns to those who were affected by the magnitude 6.7 quake in Surigao del Norte and nearby towns, the DOT has coordinated with the local government units to ascertain the safety of tourists in the affected areas.

Sydiongco said that the airport needs immediate fix after the quake that struck Surigao City at 10:04 p.m. partially damaged the concrete of the 1,700-meter runway 18/36, now unusable.

Flights to Surigao were cancelled as the runway of the local airport is damaged.

An natural disaster struck in Mindanao, Philippines today, USGS said.

The earthquake's centre was about 14 kilometres (eight miles) north west of the provincial capital of Surigao at a relatively shallow depth of 10km (six miles), said Renato Solidum, of the Philippine Institute of Seismology and Volcanology.

A major port in Lipata district in the province was also closed while engineers checked for any damages to an access road.

The last lethal quake that hit the country measured 7.1-magnitude.

Sydiongco, quoting CAAP area manager Evangeline Daba, said the Surigao airport terminal suffered minimal damage apart from broken windows and cracked tiles.

Several buildings, including a state college, a hotel and a shopping mall, were damaged in the city.

Since last Friday's quake, the state seismology office recorded 130 minor tremors in Surigao, a city of 152,000 people, and in the largely agricultural region around it. Meanwhile, about 126 injuries were reported, and hundreds were seen fleeing their homes - with schools being turned into makeshift evacuation centers.

Relief and rescue operations are underway, officials said.

  • Salvatore Jensen