Why you should take your date to see 'Fifty Shades Darker'

On the other hand, the cast looked incredible at the Fifrty Shades Darker red carpet.

And if you enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey, you're REALLY going to enjoy Fifty Shades Darker, because Jamie Dornan himself assured us that it's steamier, naughtier and packed with way more S-E-X. We see Dakota Johnson's breasts, her bare butt, a close-up of Jamie Dornan's abs.

Christian can't live without Anastasia and lures her back, promising he will no longer get off on the "rough" sex they've previously had.

OK, so this was actually meant to be amusing, but if you haven't seen Working Girl, the reference probably went right over your head.

It's a film about a woman in an emotionally abusive relationship who then has to give up her physical free will, all while calling it "true love" like a victim of Stockholm Syndrome.

Christian Grey isn't a championed supporting character, neither are his actions well-justified, which makes all of Anastasia Steele's decisions to move the plot forward make less sense with each passing minute.

Because in their world it is all about control. No wonder the first movie was a hit even though it stunk. As someone who has spent many a night and morning using fistfuls of makeup wipes and witch hazel to scrub off a good matte lipstick, I clutched myself in disbelief. "I couldn't care less what models are doing on Instagram".

Dornan as Grey does the most personal evaluating when he finally starts to come clean about his past. "I mostly laughed through mine". Dornan isn't as angry looking in this film giving Christian smiles and a sense of humor previously lacking. They ditch early, because Christian's ex-lover (Kim Basinger) is lurking.

So, first thing first we need to address whether the film was as cringe-worthy as it's predecessor - in short yes. Taking on the Grey's wasn't the smartest thing she could have done. Spearheading the charge is Leila (Heathcote) a woman obsessed with Christian that seems to have superhuman abilities of infiltration. Ora as Mia is flighty and Grimes as brother Elliot is still hot and heavy for Anastasia's roommate Eloise played by Kavanagh.

The site's hilarious consensus reads: "Lacking enough chemistry, heat, or narrative friction to satisfy, the limp Fifty Shades Darker wants to be kinky but only serves as its own form of punishment". Although the storyline in this installment is fairly straight forward, it would have been better had it gone uninterrupted.

"I don't think I'm a very intimidating person, so I think anyone who took the time to talk to me would very quickly realise what I am..."

Actually, to be honest, Anastasia's joke of their new vanilla life is an understatement. But Christian is still willing to fight for what they have, and to prove it, he literally gets down on his knees to show that he is capable of submitting to Ana. In the funniest sequence in the entire film, Ana ogles Christian during his morning workout routine, which includes some impressively flexible work on a pommel horse - because what eccentric sadomasochistic billionaire doesn't have a pommel horse in his house? Fifty Shades of Grey made $85 million in its first weekend in 2015 and went on to rake in $571 million globally.

In the end - every fairy tale has a dark side!

  • Salvatore Jensen