Union Pacific Train Derails Over Cosumnes River, South of Elk Grove

A 33-car freight train derailed in Northern California, sending 22 cars into the mucky and swollen Cosumnes River, according to the local fire department.

A Union Pacific Railroad train derailed south of Elk Grove early this afternoon.

Near the train derailment, there was a levee break, but it is unclear if that was what caused the train derailment.

There were three people onboard the train, but no one was injured. Emergency crews note that the area has some flooding and the trestle had some erosion on the bottom.

Jacobs apologized for the disruption and said an investigation into what caused the derailment is ongoing.

It was not immediately known what the train was carrying, but Jacobs told the station it was not carrying any hazardous materials. He added that Union Pacific regularly patrols tracks during severe weather. Cosumnes Fire Department crews joined Union Pacific crews to begin assessing the damage left behind by the derailment.

According to Union Pacific, the incident happened near Highway 99 and Dillard Road.

This is a developing story.

  • Larry Hoffman