Trump meets with Japanese prime minister, plans to sign new ban

The two leaders confirmed a policy of working against China's unilateral maritime advancement in East and South China seas as well as North Korea's nuclear and missile developments.

On the other hand, Trump had already stated the application of Article 5 and spoken of the importance of USA forces stationed in Japan not long after his inauguration, apparently deciding that it would be better to send a signal to China in cooperation with Japan.

HORSLEY: During the campaign, Trump rattled Japan and other Asian allies by suggesting the USA was spending too much money on their defense.

During the joint news conference after their meeting, Abe pointed to the contributions to be made toward jobs creation in the United States.

Declined to specify how he would proceed in the wake of an appeals court decision against his proposed travel ban from seven Muslim countries.

The Justice Department is weighing its options, which also include appealing to a broader panel of judges or the Supreme Court.

President Donald Trump says the alliance between the United States and Japan is a cornerstone of regional peace and stability, edging away from campaign pledges to force Tokyo to pay more for the U.S. security umbrella.

Said his administration will be able to block any terrorist attacks. We will not allow that to happen.

President Donald Trump said in a news conference with the Japanese prime minister on Friday that he hopes to end Asian currency manipulation in the future but did not directly challenge his guest with accusations raised by automakers and others that Japan engages in such practices.

Unlike previous presidents, Trump greeted his guest at the door of the West Wing, a job that used to be done by a protocol officer.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will meet Trump in Washington on Monday. It will also be the most time Trump will have spent with a foreign leader since taking power last month and his second face-to-face meeting with a key ally after talks with British Prime Minister Theresa May two weeks ago.

Abe played down his chances in scoring better than Trump in golf.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe embraces a World War II Pearl Harbor survivor after he and President Barack Obama spoke. Yet some Japanese officials are warning that the reason Washington has agreed in most parts with Tokyo on security issues is that the United States is preparing to demand that Japan make compromises in bilateral trade and financial policies.

Abe, speaking through translator, congratulated Trump on being elected as the US President.

"We will develop the two countries' economies even more based on free and fair rules", Abe told reporters.

Abe highlighted the benefits that Japanese industry provides the United States, calling the economic cooperation between the nations "truly a win-win relationship". Japan needs to involve Europe, China and other Asian nations to stop Trump's America from going off the rails.

  • Carolyn Briggs