'SNL': Melissa McCarthy's Spicer Returns to Send Disney's Moana to Gitmo

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer thinks actress Melissa McCarthy could dial it back a bit if she reprises her impression of him "Saturday Night Live".

"That's Nordstrom's lost", McCarthy as Spicer said, showing off one of Ivanka Trump's "high quality" bracelets.

McCarthy's second go at Spicer pokes fun at Trump's travel ban-"If the appeals court won't do what's right, President Trump will see them in court".

McCarthy, who last week caged a CNN reporter for spouting "fake news" and doused journalists with a water gun as Spicer, broke a promise to "remain calm" and violated a female journalist with a leaf blower.

This week's Saturday Night Live is a highly anticipated political A-bomb. This time, she slammed Nordstrom for dropping Ivanka Trump's clothing line and accessories, even accusing the brand of "terrorism".

"We are going to pat her down and then we are going to read her email and if we don't like the answers, which we won't, boom".

When Thrush pointed out that "The People's Court" TV show is not real, Spicer countered that the show opens with a note that all cases that appear on it are, in fact, real.

Spicer said, "We'll have further updates on both the meetings that we may have with them, the activities surrounding that, in terms of the administration".

  • Leroy Wright